Henry County Corrections Facility

Correctional Administrator:  Lt. Daniel Powell


The Henry County Correctional Facility was officially opened in March 2001. At that time the capacity of the facility was 172 beds. In 2008, an expansion was done to the facility, in which an additional 32 beds were added raising the capacity to 204. The addition was done using inmate labor under supervision of the departments’ Maintenance Supervisor, Chris Thompson, and minimal outside contracting.

The facility averages 170 inmates but has been as low as 135 and as high as 254 inmates. All of the meals in the facility are prepared and served under the supervision of Food Service Manager, Clif Barker. Inmate gardens help offset some of the food costs.

Programs offered by the Henry County Correctional Facility include in house continuing education taught by the Adult Education Center, an in house jail Ministry program, and parenting classes taught by the Carl Perkins Center.   Henry County Sheriffs Office also provides a Work House Program which allows inmates a chance to gain employment, which a portion of wages goes to pay off fines and restitution.  This program is run by Lt. Steve Dean.

The Henry County Correctional Facility has video arraignment court capabilities, which eliminates the need to transport inmates to and from the courthouse. The facility has a contracted Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner to take care of inmates’ medical needs through the facility’s medical clinic, which also reduces the need of transporting inmates to the doctor offices and emergency room.