The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is one of the first departments in Tennessee to implement having a School Resource Officer, SRO, at every school within Henry County, TN. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office currently has eight SROs to which one is assigned to each school on a full time basis. Each of the SROs are sworn certified officers that are directly responsible for the security and safety of teachers, faculty, and most importantly the children of Henry County. The SROs not only provide security during the day but also attend extracurricular activities including sport activities. The SROs are also responsible for implementing and assisting with various school related programs such as D.A.R.E., Eddie Eagle Gun Safety Program, character building program, Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, and 911 for Kids Training Program.

Pictured left to right: SRO Officer Michelle Brewer, SRO Lt. Calvin Dumas, SRO Sgt. Bruce Alexander, SRO Sgt. Jeff Smith, SRO Sgt. Buford Taylor, SRO Sgt. Rodney Littleton.
Not pictured: SRO Sgt. Eddie Crosser & SRO Sgt. Dennis Vaughn.

SRO, Officer Michelle Brewer at RHEA Elementary School

SRO, Sgt. Eddie Crosser at Paris Elementary School

SRO, Sgt. Rodney Littleton at Henry Elementary School

SRO, Sgt. Dennis Vaughn at Inman Middle School

SRO, Lt. Calvin Dumas at E.W. Grove School

SRO, Sgt. Buford Taylor at Henry County High School

SRO, Sgt. Jeff Smith at Dorothy And Noble Harrelson School

SRO (And D.A.R.E. Instructor), Sgt. Bruce Alexander at Lakewood School