County subdivisions and codes enforcement are carried out by the County Mayor’s Office.  Mayor Greer can be reached at 731-642-5212 for further information.

Henry County does not have local zoning regulations in unincorporated areas of the county.  Building Permits are not required in unincorporated areas of the county.  Commercial Businesses have to follow State of Tennessee Fire Codes.  Any Electrical Connections to local electric company will have to be inspected by the State Electrical Inspector.  Contact Paris Board of Public Utilities at 642-1322 for additional information.


Nuisance dog issues, contact Henry County Sheriffs Dept, 642-1672.


Click here to view a copy of the Henry County Subdivision By-laws and Regulations 


Collection of Garbage, Litter, Refuse on Private Property

Per County Resolution, County Residents do have to keep their property in a proper state without trash, junk, or other undesirable material as to not create a visual nuisance and vermin threat to neighbors for the good health of the community.  Contact the Mayors Office for additional information.


Click here to view the county’s Property Regulations pertaining to Collection of Garbage, Litter, Refuse,and Rubbish on Private and Public Property.