The Henry County Sheriff’s Office Animal Shelter is a shelter designated for abused or neglected animals. It provides a safe place for the animals to be housed. The majority of the animals that are housed at the facility are animals that officers of the Henry County Sheriff’s Office come directly into contact with based on animal abuse or neglect complaints that are received by the Sheriff’s Office. The animals are removed from the environment and living conditions that they were once in and are taken to the shelter where they are medically treated, fed properly, and are taken care of. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office makes attempts to have the people in the community adopt the pets through promoting the process through Facebook and various public appearances with the animals. The Henry County Sheriff’s Office is proud of the facility and is very concerned about animal abuse or neglect situations and strive to provide the animals with a good home and a loving family.


Please call the Sheriff’s Dept Animal Shelter at 731-641-8090 for more information on available animals for adoption or

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