Waste Tires from residents and non tire retailers: Waste tires are accepted at the Paris Henry County Landfill and a tipping fee will be charged according to tire size. See below for Waste Tire Tipping Fee Schedule. Call the Paris Henry County Landfill 731-644-1737 for more information

Waste Tires from Retailers or Dealers:  Retailers are responsible for proper disposal through a beneficial end use company.  Illegal tire dumpers will be prosecuted if caught.  It is illegal to dispose of tires on private property without approval from the TN Dept of Environment and Conservation, Solid Waste Division.  Liberty Tire is the Tire Disposal Company that services Henry County.   Commercial Retailers are encouraged to contact them directly at (270) 965-3613 for their tire disposal needs.


Paris – Henry County Landfill – Henry County Residents- Non Residents –  Effective 07/01/18

Tire size and type

Tire only

Resident / Non Resident

Tire with rim

Resident / Non Resident

Passenger/Light Truck Tire – up to 18 inch $3.50    /   $5.50 $6.00   / $8.00
Light truck/SUV –  up to 18 inch and above $13.50  /   $15.50 $26.00 / $28.00
Heavy truck –  Tractor Trailer $26.00   /   $28.00 $50.00   /   $ 55.00
Tractor Tires – default to weight $145.00 / ton $145 / ton

Tractor tire prices do not apply to any heavy equipment tires.  Paris-Henry County Landfill will have to pre-approve any large commercial loader type tires because they are charged at a much higher disposal rate.

These prices are in effect for all individuals and businesses. These fees must be paid at the gate by individuals. Commercial firms may establish billing through the City of Paris .

All individuals and businesses will be solely responsible for the unloading of any and all tires brought to the landfill. All tires must be unloaded at the designated tire site.

Landfill Hours
Times: M-F 7:00AM- Close at 3:00 pm
                                  Last vehicle in 2:30 pm
Saturday: 8:00AM-   Last trailer in 11:30 am
                                 Last vehicle in 11:00 am

Contact Information

Paris Henry Co. Landfill


Henry Co. Solid Waste